Safer. Faster. Easier.

Luftronix drone-powered inspections 

Custom technology to streamline aircraft inspections 



Complete an inspection in a fraction of the time of traditional methods

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Dramatically reduce costs with precision technology

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Fully automated scan plans - no need for live operators



Our Fused Flow technology works in tandem with our custom drone hardware solutions to make Luftronix an industry-leading provider of precision scanning systems. Our technology is future-proof and customizable for any drone.

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Our drones come equipped with:



Measures drone movements in relation to its rotation and angle against any surface

3d cameras

Maps the shape of any surface from the deepest tunnel to the largest bodied aircraft

navigation Cameras

Measure displacement of patterns in 3D space. Displacement of patterns is used for precision calculations of drone movement.

Data Collection Cameras 

Receive continuous data feed of the aircraft surface with precision location information.

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Our robust analytics systems provide automatic stitching of a contiguous surface map. 

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Data Record and Transfer

See images in real time or capture for later review. Monitor changes and areas needing further attention. 


Data acquisition

The primary purpose of flying a drone today is to gather data. 

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Data Storage

Data can be stored in the Cloud or on a local server, depending on your needs.

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Automated control

Our drones fly autonomously, keeping your operators safely on the ground and reducing human error. 

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Send collected data

Get your data in the right hands via the Cloud or your own wi-fi connection. 


See Luftronix in Action

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